Distinct Independent & Objective Professional Services

Private Label for Private Firms

If you are a professional services firm (e.g. law, accounting, investment advisor, insurance) we offer collaborative business models that honor and advocate rather than diminish your role. These models also keep you in the revenue and advisory “circle of trust.” This can help eliminate conflicts of interest, reduce or eliminate overhead, and unburden you from personnel and information technology issues that drag down your productivity. Here again, our proprietary digital platform Sentry Secure SM can offer you and your clients 24/7 visibility, consolidated statement reporting, asset tracking, and legal, tax and financial document management all in one user-friendly platform.

Referral Arrangements

Our referral program offers a way for your firm confidentially to team with Sentry Trustees informally. We offer a referral program for participation by solo practitioners, small firms, professional service firms, and investment advisors that is less formal than Private Label. This offers your firm a vehicle to manage and maintain relationships, network, and revenue share.