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B2B Trust Services & Private Label

If you are a local or regional bank, credit union, or professional services firm, we would like to be your trust services provider. We offer a number of business models that offer continuing client stickiness, you do not have to give up client relationships, and you can choose your level of continued involvement. We’ll provide first class trust management and administration, and our proprietary digital platform Sentry Secure SM can offer you and your clients 24/7 visibility, consolidated statement reporting, asset tracking, and legal, tax and financial document management all in one user-friendly platform.

B2B Services for Banks & Credit Unions

If you are a local or regional bank or credit union not currently offering trust services, or you want to outsource the trust department altogether, we can be your immediate solution in one of two ways. If you choose our full service referral model, you can simply advise your customers that your institution does in fact provide trust services through your exclusive arrangement with Sentry Trustees -- all trust services are handled and you have virtually no overhead, personnel headaches, or fiduciary responsibility. Alternatively, we can seamlessly offer trust services under your brand, which is sometimes referred to as “private label” or “white label,” where we are the turn-key engine in the background providing your customers with a private digital portal appearing under your masthead and even producing statements bearing your logo and corporate identity.